DC Dual Force Digital Collectible Card Game: DCDualForce gg Launch

The reason for the lower ranking for Joker is the higher cost of the ability over some of the other Leaders which incentivizes building the deck to take advantage of the ability. The ability is strong enough to deserve the attention and can pair well with aggressive strategies and could be consideration for decks looking to control the board. Another reason that keeps The Flash in tier A is that he also has some flexibility when it comes to deck building. And lastly, in the A-tier, we’ve got Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.

DC Dual Force tier list

On top of all this the card Iris West gives The Flash and additional attack EVERY turn and INVINCIBLE. Their are also Recruits like Red Tornado which can come down as early as Turn 3 which are game ending threats when paired with the multiple attacks of The Flash. The package this card can support pairs well with many other strategies in the game making The Flash one of the best Leaders in the game.

Deliver Insane Combos When Your Favorite Characters Team Up!

She thrives on control matchups and has difficulty facing rush decks. Flash is hard to play given his health pool, which is the lowest in the game. The only way to take advantage of this ability is to clear the board and go for the enemy leaders. He is more of a support leader and cannot stand on his own. This is a basic aquaman-leader
and batman-leader
deck without the expensive cards.

  • I did some adaptation to make this archetype works as I prefer and here is the result (it should have double speedy
    and double felicity-smoak
    but there are still small fixes to work on in our deck builder.
  • Although the Batman strategies can be beaten, the full Gadget packages are flexible and they help you maintain both board and card advantage.
  • So here comes the DC Worlds Collide tier list by ranking them according to their strength for the game performance.

It is a 3 cost ability which puts 5 additional Lighting Bolts into your deck. This is 5 additional cards on top of the 40 card deck which you then are trying to draw into. The entire strategy requires you to have built your entire deck to do this though. Cards exist which allow you to draw the Lightning Bolts and cards exist which allow you to buff the Lightning Bolts with Firepower. So in theory you can create an infinite number of lightning bolts which always do 2 damage to Leaders minimum and chain. In practice it takes a long time to get online and their is not enough support to stay alive consistently whilst setting this up.

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Barry Allen’s speedster is renowned as one of DC’s best characters, and that passes over into the Worlds Collide tier list as well. The character’s near-invulnerability to almost any punishment plays into effect here. He comes with a self-revive decks in DC Dual Force move to render any enemy special attacks useless, and, Even better, his attacks target the entire enemy team. As per our DCWC tier list, the three characters you’ll want to get a hold of are Superman, Lex Luthor, and The Flash.